Mittwoch, 22. August 2007

Tonbänder (Tapes):
AYTNACHR - "Dawn of despair" (lim. 150) Demo 4€
Quote of Grievantee: "true hateful black metal, now officially released, factory pressed tapes and covers"

DEAD REPTILE SHRINE "A Journey Through The Darkest Of Forest's" Tape 4€
Quote of EVIL: Shamanic ritual demon worship.Obscure and filthy, definately not for everyone.You do not classify this stuff by instrumentation, composition or sound, simply because it is NOT musik. And it's not a matter of whether or not you like this; it's a matter of whether you are able to handle it.If you are able to, you will probably cast it aside as "unlistenable" musik. The blessed chosen ones whose 1st attention has been weakened enough so as not being able to handle it, will be thrown out towards the event horizon of self-consciousness and control, and cannot help but succumb to the pure energy that flows from this aural experience. It will force you to meet Infinity in all its beauty and terror. Lim. to 300 copy's, exclusivly distributed in Germany by Eternity Records.

GRIMFAUG - "Blood Upon the Face of Creation" Tape (lim. 500) 4€
Quote of NSP: Absolutely ripping Belgian black metal. This is Grimfaug's debut full length album with a few extra goodies tacked on. The tape contains a re-worked track from the demo and an Abyssic Hate cover.

GRIMFAUG - "Defloration of Life's Essence" Tape (lim. 500) 4€
Quote of NSP: The new full length opus has arrived! The band has not strayed from Blood Upon...but they have tightened their formula up. The drums provide a great foundation and just pound through the whole album. Sick sounding guitar tone that reminds of Katharsis. Dark vocals coming from the pit of a dead soul. Without a doubt the top Belgian bands and one of Europes finest.

HYPOTHERMIA - "Köld" LP-Tape (lim. 150 copies) 4€
ProTape Version of the second Hypothermia Album! melancholic, cold and monotonous black metal. Exclusivly Distributed in Germany by Eternity Records.

KÄLTETOD "Leere" ProTape 4€
Handnumbered tape version of the album with two additional appendices, totaling six hymns dedicated to the freezing death of emotion dating from 2000-2005, overall 70 minutes of cold gruelling metal.

MONS VENERIS - "Abismo a reu aberto" Demo (lim. 500) 4€
From the depths of the underground Mons Veneris rises to spew forth its disgust on "the scene" and all the trendies. Rough, raw, torturous black metal to haunt your soul.

MYRKWID "Sequel To Part II" Tape (lim. 100) 4€

REGNUM - "Weil Alles Einst Zerbrechen Muss" Tape (lim. 300) 4€
Quote of EDR: Depressive and misanthropic music is what Regnum will give to this feeble mankind.The mastermind behind it, F. Nachzehrer, has created another piece of inner suffering.His Agonized vocals and the personal ambience on the music make the difference, and is for sure a release to appreciate in Solitude...This demo is collection of unreleased song from 2001-2005.

SVARTNAR - "Failure Of Mankind" Tape (lim. 500) 4€
Prof. Tapeversion of The Debutalbum.

ULFSDALIR - "Baldur's Traum" LP-Tape (lim. 333) 4€
Tapeversion of the first Ulfsdalir Album with pro. Booklet.

Textilien (Textiles):
Svartnar "Logo" T-Shirt (lim. 50) 12€
White (new) Logo (in Front) on black Shirt. Available Sizes: XL - LAST COPY!!!

Magazine (magazines):
nothing at the moment...

Sonstiges/Restbestände (miscellaneous/remainders):

Basilisk - "A joyless march through the cold-lands" (lim. 500)
BEASTCRAFT - Dawn Of The Serpent LP (lim. 500) 12€
BLACK FUNERAL - "Ordog" (lim. 500) LP 12€
BLODULV - II LP (Lim. 500) 12€
FUNERARY CALL - Sickness Falling LP (lim. 500) 12€
GRANULOSUM "The Final Stand" CD (lim. 1000, S.W.Rex) 10€
SATARIEL - "Hydra" LP (lim. 666) 10€
GOATLORD CORPORATION - "Horns Of ResurrectioN" EP (lim. 500) 5€

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