Samstag, 15. September 2007

NEW IN STOCK - 15.09.2007

INTERITUS "Der Traum von menschenleerer Schönheit" DigiCD - 11 Euro t./a.
NUKLEAR ANNIHILATION "Horns up" Tape - 4 Euro t./a.
A-BLAZE Magazin # 1 - 3,90 Euro
GENOCIDE "Blasphemic Terrorism" EP - 5 Euro

Montag, 10. September 2007


GENOCIDE (Deutschland)
PUREST (Deutschland)

WANN: 27.10.2007
WO: Amberg (in der Oberpfalz, bei Sulzbach-Rosenberg)
KNEIPE: "500" (gegenüber dem MAX-REGER-GYMNASIUM)

Einlass: 20:30 Uhr
Beginn: ca. 21:30 Uhr

Verkaufsstände. Fog Of The Apocalypse + Eternity Records

Rückfragen zum Konzert:

Infotelefon, Wegbeschreibung, Flugblätter usw. folgen.

Montag, 27. August 2007


NEW IN STOCK - 29.08.2007
LUNAR AURORA "Seelenfeuer" CD - 10 Euro
LUNAR AURORA "Zyklus" CD - 12 Euro
DARKSPACE "Dark Space I" CD (Avantgarde Edition) - 12 Euro
DARKSPACE "Dark Space II" CD (Avantgarde Edition) - 12 Euro
AMAZARAK "Saeva Omnia" Demo (lim. 300,prof Demo) - 4 Euro

RESTOCK -- HORNA "Sotahuuto" CD - 10 Euro
RESTOCK -- ALLVATERS ZORN "Geburt" DigiCD - 11 Euro

ILDJARN "Ildjarn" DLP (perfect condition) - OFFER

NEW IN STOCK - 08.08.2007
GORATH "Elite" LP (lim. 500) - 12 Euro
INFINITY "The Birth Of Death" CD (lim.1000) - 10 Euro
NIHIL NOCTURNE "Necrohell" CD - 10 Euro
HELLAS "The Black Death Anthology" 2CD Sampler - 14 Euro
LUNAR AURORA "Andacht" CD - 11 Euro - RESTOCK!
LUNAR AURORA "Mond" CD - 10 Euro
LUNAR AURORA "Weltengänger" CD - 10 Euro
TRIST "hin-fort" DoubleDigiCD - 14 Euro
GEIST "Kainsmal" DigiCD - 11 Euro
MORTUUS INFRADAEMONI "Daemon Qui Fecit Terram" CD - 10 Euro
PAYSAGE D'HIVER "Schattengang" A5DigiCD - 16 Euro
PAYSAGE D'HIVER "Die Festung" A5DigiCD - 16 Euro
PAYSAGE D'HIVER "Paysage D'Hiver" A5DigiCD - 16 Euro
VERDUNKELN "Einblick in den Qualenfall" CD - 10 Euro
THE RUINS OF BEVERAST "Rain Upon The Impure" CD - 10 Euro
EGONOIR "Der Pfad Zum Fluss" CD - 10 Euro
ALVATERS ZORN "Der Wanderer" Demo (lim. 100) - 4 Euro
MORTUARY TEMPLE "s/t" Demo (lim. 300) - 4 Euro
NEFARIOUS "Diabolorum" EP (lim. 500) - 15 Euro

ROTTING CHRIST "Satanas Tedeum" LP - 13 Euro
KORGONTHURUS "s/t" MLP (lim. 666) - 9 Euro
ENTHRONING SILENCE "Unnamed Quintessence Of grimness CD - 10 Euro
V/A TORMENTING LEGENDS "II" DLP (unplayed, lim.666) - OFFER

Soon in stock!
KYLA "Glory Of Negativity" LP (lim. 300)
MAILORDER LIST! - updated: 22.08.2007

ARYAN ART - "...and despite all,Bulgaria will survive" MCD 7€
Newest MCD of this Band. lim. to only 1000 copy's

BENIGHTED LEAMS - "Ferly Centesms" CD 10€
After six years of silence, this is the long-awaited third album. Totally necro, twisted, and depressive Black Metal, slower and more technical than its predecessors; like a blend of BETHLEHEM's 'S.U.I.Z.I.D.', VOIVOD's 'Killing Technology', and POSSESSED's 'Beyond the Gates'. Album of the Month in and

BLOOD RED FOG - "Blood Red Fog" CD 11€
Finnish depressive black metal full of anguish. Sample available at:

CARTHAUN "Einheit" CD (lim. 1000) 10€
Description soon...

CRIMSON MOON - "Under The Serpentine Sell" CD 11€
Quote of THR:XI spells of true occultic Black Metal running over 70 mins in length!! Includes the "Veins of Immortality II" bonus track!! After 7 long years, this cult underground rehearsal from 1997 finally gets an official release. Re-mixed & Re-mastered with nothing altered or added. The final version of "Under the Serpentine Spell" sounds as close to the originals, and more complete than any of the bootlegs and dubs that have been circulating throughout the underground scene for the last few years. This is the regular CD edition!

DEFAILLANCE "Defaillance" CD (lim. 500) 11€
(Underground Blackmetal from France. Raw, misanthropic and depressive...

DIE SAAT "Wir laden zum Feste" DigiCD (lim. 1000) 11€
The new Album of the pagan Warriors from Thuringia. A great mixture of Folk/Black/Metal - Parts with driving drums, playful melodies and independently guitar-riffs.

GROM/WULFGRAVF "Fullmoon Warfare" SplitCD (lim. 1000) 10€
Vinlandic BlackMetal of highest Level!

HAILSTORM - "Death.Defiance.Decadence" MCD (lim.666) 7,50€
Finally out!!! Melodic Blackmetal from germany! Remembers the 90ty's...with Beherit Coverversion!

HARVIST - "Lightning Storm in the Veins... " CD 10€
Lightning is one of the most beautiful displays in nature. It is also one of the most deadly natural phenomena known to man. With bolt temperatures hotter than the surface of the sun and shockwaves beaming out in all directions, lightning is a lesson in physical science and humility. Beyond its powerful beauty, lightning presents science with one of its greatest local mysteries: It is common knowledge that lightning is generated in electrically charged storm systems, but the method of cloud charging still remains elusive.

HORNA - "Sotahuuto" CD 10€
The time has come. The most hateful and morbid creation from HORNA is out at Midsummer celebration, in honour and tribute of Bathory in our own way and black Finnish rites. This release includes NO COVERSONGS at all but an album inspired by the first Bathory albums. It's our most honest and heart-bled homage to the one who inspired us all, one way or the other.

HUNOK/MARBLEBOG Split DigiCD (lim. 1000) 11€
Re-release of the sold-out Demotapes of both bands at ONE Split CD.

HYPOTHERMIA - "Rakbladvalsen" CD 11€
finally available again...Last copy's of this melancholy opus...

IAD - "Penitentiam Agite" MCD (lim. 1000) 7€
Brilliantly and with every fibre nastily the spawn of hell IAD strikes once more. This is Black Metal. This MCD contains a 8-asided booklet.

LEADEN - "Monotonous Foghorns of Molesting Department" CD (lim. 500) 11€
Qote of MWR: Leaden plays Antihuman Suicidal Black Metal. The venomous journey through the band's morbid creations will let you forget the light and discover a dangerous place, naturally hidden into your mind for your own safety. Alteration of the mind and distort perceptions are recommended at the first play for this album; then, open the Leaden gate and descend into the abyss of Depression and hate for your own human nature. Musically, we are in the presence of one of the best masterpieces of Suicidal Black Metal recorded ever. Midwinter Records is proud to consign this black jewel in the hands of disturbed, tormented ones. Kill yourself, finally.

MAGOG - "unholy german Black Metal..." CD (lim. 1000) 10€
Well, i think anyone know this band (Re-release).

Two German Hordes together on this CD! Raw, hateful and faster Blackmetal with a good sound! (mp3s available)

Slavonic Blackmetal meets War/Pagan Blackmetal. (mp3s available)

NORTHERN FROST - "Ewige Kälte" MCD (lim. 500) 7€
Quote of FOTA: Cold northern black metal from Germany in the vein of Osculum Infame. Debut album from this German horde. (Ask for Samples)

OBSCURE ANACHRONISM - "Transcending Mundane Obstacles" CD 12€
(SORRY for this price, but the trade was a bitch haha!)
Quote of AAP: Four tracks of trance-inducing Black Metal -performed with utmost passion and dedication- proclaming the despise to the ill-fated lives yet acknowledging the own succumb to the all-devouring essence of deterioration. Transcending Mundane Obstacles isn�t a recording which offers an easy walkthrough (although the first impressions might give an opposite feeling). To gain and reach the very essence of Obscure Anachronism, one must be willing to give his complete attention and concentration for TMO and it will not be in vain. "Finally even the ignorant and the blind have been capable to perceive the fire, which has been blazing behind the misty veil of time ever since the creation."

ORLOG "Reinigende Feuer" CD 10€
Quote: The debut Album of the German Pagan Metal Horde."Reinigende Feuer" is very far away from sounding too "positive": The nine songs featured here remind me very much of the middle era of EMPEROR (during the `Anthems To The Welkin` At Dusk` times), which means that we definitely got well-structured, very fine interpreted Black Metal here, embedded into a very powerful sound, but without that huge Symphonic element the Norwegians are known for. ORLOG is a good exception how to create harsh, evil music that is kicking ass! Comes in a good layout and 12-side-booklet!

PERDITION "Antihuman Divinity" MCD (lim 999) 7€
ONLY A WAR!!! In the veins of INFERNAL WAR!!! No need for any words...hear inside the samples...
Sample 1
Sample 2
Sample 3

SCHATTENHEER "Schattenheer" CD 10€
Finally back in stock! Join this unholy voyage!!!

SOMBRE CHEMIN - "Heterodoxie - Opus I" MCD (lim. 1000) 7,50€
The newest and best Opus of the french Horde.

SVARTNAR - "Failure Of Mankind" CD 10€
Swedish Old-school Blackmetal with a melancholy atmosphere and influences of old Shining.

TENEBRAE IN PERPETUUM - "Antico Misticismo" DigiCD 11€
Quote from DMP: TENEBRAE IN PERPETUUM is back with a brand new freezing full length. "Antico Misticismo" (Ancient Mysticism) brings us 7 new hymns of pure cold & hateful Black Metal with an atmosphere few bands managed to put into their anthems. The bleak production, the desperate & odious screams, the intense and sorrowful melodies accompanied by fast drums alternated some times by slower parts, the whole opus is a glorification of Darkness. Taking the mysterious and gloomy atmosphere from "Onori Funebri Rituali" into a deeper dimension, "Antico Misticismo" present a higher level of composition and structure of the hymns, in which one can touch the revulsive feelings ingeniously orchestrated by their creator

TENEBRAE IN PERPETUUM - "Onori Funebri Rituali" CD (incl. Bonustrack) 10€
Quote from BsP: Pure, Dark and Hateful Black Metal, in the old Norwegian vein. Includes bonus song not featured in the LP version !!!

TYRANNY - In Times Of Tyranny MCD (lim. 999) 7€
High Technical perfect german Trash/Black like CAEDES or old BELPHEGOR

ULFSDALIR - "Im Weltenkreis" CD (lim. 300) 10€
The newest Opus of one of the greates german Blackmetal Bands! It don't need much words...A fucking killer!!!

V/A "DER SONNE ENTGEGEN" Sammler CD (lim. 500) 10€

V/A - "Tribute to Absurd" CD 10€
Absurd-Tribute CD.17 Tracks with Totenburg, Leichenzug, Wolfnacht, HKZ, Abolotion, Feueropfer, Forgotten Darkness, Froststurm, Bloodrevenge, Hellfucked, Eisesnacht, Menneskerhat, Schwertzeit, Hirpus, Tarihan, T.H.O.R., Welter, Tyskland.

VEINELIIS - "In this Forest shall be my Gallows" CD (lim. 500) 10€
Quote of MWR: VEINELIIS plays Depressive Individualistic Black Metal. His style can remind to the most appreciated bands of the Depressive Black Metal Movement but, to do it, Veineliis don't needed to clone any overground bands. He is instead their antithesis! Besides, Veineliis has an Individualistic approach and philosophy, so the listener lives an unexpected full immersion into his hallucinated visions. This is the official release of "In this Forest shall be my Gallows" under Midwinter Records, after the 2004 self-released MC.
Available in a limited edition of 500 copies.

ZwenZ "A life's work of Natrgaard II" CD (lim. 1000) 10€
Descprition soon...

1349 - "Beyond The Apocalypse" DLP (666 copies) 16€
ANTI - The Insiginificance Of Life 12" LP (lim.500) 12€
Debut album, depressive and intoxicating Black Metal offering a very funereally atmospher

ARKHA SVA/BLACK STENCH Split LP (lim. 500) 13€
The poisonous split LP of Arkha Sva & Black Stench is here!!! This time all went smoothly and a perfect outcome is here for your misery. It comes in full coloured jacket and a printed inner carton sleeve. Both bands present exclusive material in their unique styles of Black Metal paying homage to the darkness of all art. Arkha Sva deliver one long hymn approaching Black Metal elements of undivine opera - satanic worship. Black Stench is lethargic, sick and obscure Black Metal for those who remember what the black flame first searing our hearts felt like...

BEATRIK - "Requiem Of December" LP (lim. 500, Gatefold) 12€
"Requiem of December" contains the definitive elements of both black and doom metal, making this mix potentially appealing to fans of both genres. It is not just slowed down black metal, but a combination of two styles. Creating this album obviously took a huge amount of work just to secure its uniqueness on a field where many bands sound overly similar. The vocals deserve a mention on their own, as the torment in the voice is disturbingly real, adding to the atmosphere.

BLACK CIRCLE - "The distant wind..." LP (lim. 333 - white vinyl) 12€
Quote of TH: Second full-lenght masterpiece from Strijd. Great cold and melancholic black metal.Exclusive licensed from Total Holocaust Records. First 111 copies in white vinyl. Handnumbered.

BLACK FLAME - "CONQUERING PURITY [Litani� ex Damnatorum Regno]" LP 13€
Newest Opus on LP! The right format for this Album!!!

DARK FORTRESS - "Tales from eternal dusk" DLP (lim. 487) 15€
Quote from FOTA: Melodic BlackMetal from Germany in swedish style. The LP incl. two Bonussongs (one of the swedish Unanimated!)

DARK TRIBE - "In Jeraspunta" LP(180g vinyl, gatefold, heavy carton, printed innersleeve,lim. 500, handnr.) 12€
Fast and sick, psycho Black Metal with some great hypnotic parts. Limited to 500 copies (Gatefold,printed innersleeve,180g vinyl).

FLUISTERWOUD - "Langs Galg en Rad" LP (lim. 500) 13€
At last, years after the CD-release, this piece of devilish art finally gets what it deserves: a vinyl release. Pressed on 180 gr. black wax, it comes in a gatefold jacket pressed on high-quality black paper. The tracklist is slightly altered, the Lugubrum-cover from the CD-release being replaced with a cover of Darkthrone's Unholy Black Metal.

FURZE "UTD" LP (lim.500, Gatefold) 13€
Description soon...

HORNA - "Kohti Yhdeksön Nousua" (lim. 666) LP 13€
Blut&Eisen Release. Must I write more?!? YOU NEED THIS KILLER!

MACABRE OMEN - "The Ancient Returns" LP (Gatefold,lim.) 12€
Quote from BP: Wandering in silence for over a decade, the time has finally come for The Ancient One to Return. Epic black metal war deeply rooted in the early ROTTING CHRIST, VARATHRON, BURZUM and epic BATHORY eras, yet always with the warlike sound MACABRE OMEN has established throughout the years⤦ this is the Perfect Sound of North vs. South. Expect nothing less than one of the best albums in the history of Hellenic underground Black Metal. As simple as that...

NUCLEOUS TORN - "Nihil" LP (lim. 500, handnr., Gatefold, two-side-inlay!) 13€ invited to embrace with us this utterly blessed recording, profoundly melting the very best of dissonant metal, progressive rock, dark folklore, sublime classic and aura noir soundscapes to a unique blend of devoted musical rituals - find two samples at the following link:
....i don't give a fuck if anyone think i MUST distribute only BM! I distribute what i want...

PEST - Pest MLP (lim. 666) 10€
A brand new mini album from the German Pest is finally out on Bird of Ill Omen/NWN distribution. This is the same band that released the killer "Ara" album (initially on their own label and later on tape by Ketzer and CD by FMP). They also had two CD released on Fog of the Apocalypse which sold out quickly. This MLP contains reworked version of songs from Ara as well as brand new songs. LP comes in embossed jacket with poster insert.

PUISSANCE - "War On" LP 14€
Apocalyptic Industrial From Sweden Special Limited Vinyl - 300 Numbered Copies Only!!!

TYPHUS - "Profound Blasphemous Proclamation" LP (white vinyl, lim. 100) 15€
From the mastermind responsible for breathing life into Dark Horizon Records (Lord Typhus) comes the Satanic War Machine called TYPHUS. The debut album entitled "Profound Blasphemous Proclamation" is OUT NOW on Dark Horizon Records! THIS IS WAR!!!!!!! TYPHUS spew forth "Profound Blasphemous Proclamation" striking out against the book of lies, as well as the false prophets soothsaying which held so many unfulfilled promises! TYPHUS will be the nails used to crucify Jesus Christ the second time around! The music of TYPHUS is Pure, Organic, Blasphemous, Cold, Grim, Necro, Minimalist, Narrow Minded, Raw, Extremely Harsh, Fire Breathing, Blood Smeared, Spike Wearing, Christ Crushing, Orthodox Black Metal. TYPHUS are proud and bold enough to state: "Amidst the saturated and redundantly boring Black Metal scene, we have actually created an original and interesting approach and sound with the birth of TYPHUS! This album will bring U.S. Black Metal into the realm of the originators and masters. Join the New World Order, created Under The Banner Of TYPHUS!"

TYPHUS - "Profound Blasphemous Proclamation" LP (black vinyl, lim. 420) 12€
From the mastermind responsible for breathing life into Dark Horizon Records (Lord Typhus) comes the Satanic War Machine called TYPHUS. The debut album entitled "Profound Blasphemous Proclamation" is OUT NOW on Dark Horizon Records! THIS IS WAR!!!!!!! TYPHUS spew forth "Profound Blasphemous Proclamation" striking out against the book of lies, as well as the false prophets soothsaying which held so many unfulfilled promises! TYPHUS will be the nails used to crucify Jesus Christ the second time around! The music of TYPHUS is Pure, Organic, Blasphemous, Cold, Grim, Necro, Minimalist, Narrow Minded, Raw, Extremely Harsh, Fire Breathing, Blood Smeared, Spike Wearing, Christ Crushing, Orthodox Black Metal. TYPHUS are proud and bold enough to state: "Amidst the saturated and redundantly boring Black Metal scene, we have actually created an original and interesting approach and sound with the birth of TYPHUS! This album will bring U.S. Black Metal into the realm of the originators and masters. Join the New World Order, created Under The Banner Of TYPHUS!"

TYPHUS - "Profound Blasphemous Proclamation" PicLP (Lim. 300) 15€
PicLP version of this cult debut album! Limited edition and each copy is signed by the band itself!!! Incl. A3 bandposter!!!

AMALEK/ARYAN ART Split EP (lim. 500) 5€
Well, i think you know both bands...

ARKHA SVA/HYPOTHERMIA Split EP (lim. 500) 5€
This EP contains in each case a brand-new song of every band. This EP comes in a gatefoldcover and is limited to 500 pieces and hand numbered. About the music one do not need to say a lot. Complete subsoil. Total Black Metal.

ASKA/HYPOTHERMIA Split 7" (lim. 500) 5€
Two very special Songs united on this EP!
Aska participates on this split with a GG Allin cover done in Aska's raw oppressive style. If you are familiar with Aska since before you should know what to expect. Same applies to Hypothermia also, going even deeper into the abyss with the song "Melankoli". Cold monotonous music with spoken vocals handled by Ravenlord of Woods of Infinity and screams handled by Sara L.

BRANSTOCK/SADORASS Split EP (lim. 300) 6€
Last copy's here...

Quote of FOTA: Both bands present here in each case a new song. To orders becomes here full of hatred and untouched Black Metal. This EP is limited on 500 pieces and contains an on both sides printed extrasheet.

2 tracks of each band.

HYPOTHERMIA/SVARTNAR "Undergang" Split EP (lim. 350) 6€
Both bands present a special (and exclusive) song. Hypothermia plays a slower fucking lonely song with an unhuman "vocal-intention". Differnt the song of Svartnar...much faster with a interesting melancholic atmosphere. The Split EP is limited to 340 handnr. copy's, with a special two-side inlay, inside-out print and black-innersleeve.

IAD "Die Prophezeiung" PicEP (lim.500,Gatefold) 6€
Chaotic black metal, no compromise here!

WYRD - "Tuonela" EP (lim. 1000) 5€ words needed...

Mittwoch, 22. August 2007

Tonbänder (Tapes):
AYTNACHR - "Dawn of despair" (lim. 150) Demo 4€
Quote of Grievantee: "true hateful black metal, now officially released, factory pressed tapes and covers"

DEAD REPTILE SHRINE "A Journey Through The Darkest Of Forest's" Tape 4€
Quote of EVIL: Shamanic ritual demon worship.Obscure and filthy, definately not for everyone.You do not classify this stuff by instrumentation, composition or sound, simply because it is NOT musik. And it's not a matter of whether or not you like this; it's a matter of whether you are able to handle it.If you are able to, you will probably cast it aside as "unlistenable" musik. The blessed chosen ones whose 1st attention has been weakened enough so as not being able to handle it, will be thrown out towards the event horizon of self-consciousness and control, and cannot help but succumb to the pure energy that flows from this aural experience. It will force you to meet Infinity in all its beauty and terror. Lim. to 300 copy's, exclusivly distributed in Germany by Eternity Records.

GRIMFAUG - "Blood Upon the Face of Creation" Tape (lim. 500) 4€
Quote of NSP: Absolutely ripping Belgian black metal. This is Grimfaug's debut full length album with a few extra goodies tacked on. The tape contains a re-worked track from the demo and an Abyssic Hate cover.

GRIMFAUG - "Defloration of Life's Essence" Tape (lim. 500) 4€
Quote of NSP: The new full length opus has arrived! The band has not strayed from Blood Upon...but they have tightened their formula up. The drums provide a great foundation and just pound through the whole album. Sick sounding guitar tone that reminds of Katharsis. Dark vocals coming from the pit of a dead soul. Without a doubt the top Belgian bands and one of Europes finest.

HYPOTHERMIA - "Köld" LP-Tape (lim. 150 copies) 4€
ProTape Version of the second Hypothermia Album! melancholic, cold and monotonous black metal. Exclusivly Distributed in Germany by Eternity Records.

KÄLTETOD "Leere" ProTape 4€
Handnumbered tape version of the album with two additional appendices, totaling six hymns dedicated to the freezing death of emotion dating from 2000-2005, overall 70 minutes of cold gruelling metal.

MONS VENERIS - "Abismo a reu aberto" Demo (lim. 500) 4€
From the depths of the underground Mons Veneris rises to spew forth its disgust on "the scene" and all the trendies. Rough, raw, torturous black metal to haunt your soul.

MYRKWID "Sequel To Part II" Tape (lim. 100) 4€

REGNUM - "Weil Alles Einst Zerbrechen Muss" Tape (lim. 300) 4€
Quote of EDR: Depressive and misanthropic music is what Regnum will give to this feeble mankind.The mastermind behind it, F. Nachzehrer, has created another piece of inner suffering.His Agonized vocals and the personal ambience on the music make the difference, and is for sure a release to appreciate in Solitude...This demo is collection of unreleased song from 2001-2005.

SVARTNAR - "Failure Of Mankind" Tape (lim. 500) 4€
Prof. Tapeversion of The Debutalbum.

ULFSDALIR - "Baldur's Traum" LP-Tape (lim. 333) 4€
Tapeversion of the first Ulfsdalir Album with pro. Booklet.

Textilien (Textiles):
Svartnar "Logo" T-Shirt (lim. 50) 12€
White (new) Logo (in Front) on black Shirt. Available Sizes: XL - LAST COPY!!!

Magazine (magazines):
nothing at the moment...

Sonstiges/Restbestände (miscellaneous/remainders):

Basilisk - "A joyless march through the cold-lands" (lim. 500)
BEASTCRAFT - Dawn Of The Serpent LP (lim. 500) 12€
BLACK FUNERAL - "Ordog" (lim. 500) LP 12€
BLODULV - II LP (Lim. 500) 12€
FUNERARY CALL - Sickness Falling LP (lim. 500) 12€
GRANULOSUM "The Final Stand" CD (lim. 1000, S.W.Rex) 10€
SATARIEL - "Hydra" LP (lim. 666) 10€
GOATLORD CORPORATION - "Horns Of ResurrectioN" EP (lim. 500) 5€

Näheres wird individuell per E-Post geklärt!
(Details will be clarified individually via e-mail!)

Freitag, 11. Mai 2007

ausverkauft/sold out:
DUSKERN "Hateful" CD
TRIST "Tiefenrausch" DigiCD
NAGELFAR "Virus West" CD + Patch
GRAVELAND "The Fire Of Awakening" DinA5 CD
GEIST "Kainsmal" LP
STERBEND BESUNGEN "verstummt auf alle Zeit" CD
HELLSAW "Sins Of Might" CD
PAYSAGE D'HIVER "Einsamkeit" Demo
GRAUPEL "Auf alten Wegen..." LP
MYRKWID "Logo" T-Shirt (lim. 50, Size L & XL)
SOMBRE CHEMIN - "Doctrine" Lp-Tape (lim. 300)
CULTUS - "Hymns Of Descending" Tape
RAATE - "Sielu,Linna" DigiCD
DEATHSPELL OMEGA "Fas – Ite, Maledicti, in Ignem Aeternum” DigiCD
DEATHSPELL OMEGA ""Fas – Ite, Maledicti, in Ignem Aeternum” GFLP

ABSURD - "Blutgericht" LP
PEST - "Ad Se Ipsum" LP
ARS DIAVOLI - "The Absence Of Light" Demo
INFERNUM - Farewell LP


01.07.2007 - new in stock:

OBSCURE ANACHRONISM - "Transcending Mundane Obstacles" 12€
ULFSDALIR - "Im Weltenkreis" CD (lim. 300) - 10€
AYTNACHR - "Dawn of despair" (lim. 150) Demo - 4€
ULFSDALIR - "Baldur's Traum" LP-Tape (lim. 333) - 4€


Nun, wieder ist ein Jahr ins Land gezogen und zum "Geburtstag" von Eternity Records habe ich diesmal einfach die Aktionen von Mystic Arts Mailorder "geklaut"...viel Spaß beim Bestellen!!! haha...


:: 10 CDs = 90 EUR postpaid ::
:: 15 CDs = 130 EUR postpaid ::
:: 20 CDs = 160 EUR postpaid ::

:: 10 CDs = 95 EUR postpaid ::
:: 15 CDs = 135 EUR postpaid ::
:: 20 CDs = 165 EUR postpaid ::

/!\ Offers cover all jewel case CDs priced 11 EUR or under !! /!\
-- Sent without jewel cases --



PERDITION "Antihuman Divinity" MCD (lim 999)




SCHATTENHEER "Schattenheer" CD - 10€


An dieser Stelle gebührt AER grosser Dank, für die Hilfe zu dieser Seite.